Retail Banking Design

crea vision on new banking retail

The retail banking industry is constantly evolving and shaping on the increasing changing in consumers’ and world habits. The new branches need to evolve so that to provide customers with a powerful and attractive alternative to the many new channels that are appearing. The best companies are introducing innovative services, more aggressive brands and communication concepts, even new business models.   In the new branch formats the bank have to attract, to simplify in creating a new fruition of the space easy to understand and to differentiate in creating their own identity. Crea International, a Physical Brand Design agency, is providing ideas, concepts and design for several clients in Europe and the Middle East developing new innovative formats of banking, in particular targeted branches and future banking formats.


Bank of Astana

Bank of Astana - leading innovation by Kazakh heritage

Bank of Astana future repositioning envisages the adoption of a universal banking model, highly driven by digital operational technology dedicated to mass & affluent consumer targets.

ChiantiBanca - restaurant experience banking

ChiantiBanca - restaurant experience banking

The new retail banking service design concept where local heritage meets customer innovation process.
Conceive a cutting edge service design concept within which Chiantishire urban and financial fabric can identify themselves with.

Allianz - the insurance design lounge

Allianz 1 - the insurance design lounge

The innovative insurance design concept package focused on one's own or one's own family in a single design experience subscription.
Allianz's objective was to get both insurance and banking core business practises together, by introducing a 15 sqmt. corner of Allianz insurance within the banking premises.

Sberbank CZ service design

Sberbank CZ service design - business network lounge

Concept innovation to restyle Sberbank CZ service design concept and consolidate the new brand design image.
A new innovative design branch following the restyling and re brand design operation of Sberbank within the Czech market.